3D Printing & Laser Cutting

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As well as using our in-house 3D Printing and laser-cutting equipment extensively in our day-to-day projects, we offer these services directly to individuals and business clients at highly competitive rates. 

We can work with you from any stage of the process, from concept ideation to finishing and painting. We can design and prepare print-ready files in CAD programmes Rhino 3D, Adobe Illustrator, Fusion 360, Solidworks, ZBrush or Mudbox, depending on the requirements of the project. We are equally happy to be supplied with your CAD file and will assist you in preparing the file for laser-cutting or 3D-printing. 


As model makers we naturally split projects into component parts, 3D print and join them back together once printed, employing proper finishing techniques to ensure the models re completely seamless with no visible join lines.  We print with a variety of filaments, including clear, rubber, and PLA made from 100% recycled food packaging. 

Our HPC LS3060 PRO CO2 Laser ensures a high precision finish for displays, models, props, signage and more, in materials such as acrylic, MDF, plywood, fabric, leather, card, and paper. We hold a wide variety of materials in stock enabling us to turn the same/next day orders. 

The gallery below illustrates both direct-to-customer projects, and applications in our day-to-day model-making and prop-making work. 

Statue of rapper A$AP Yams - 3D Printed face

Stereo front prototypes 3D printed in PLA made from 100% recycled food packaging


Beetles laser-cut in 3mm birch plywood

3D printed New York subway railings

3D Printed 18th Century book-case, finished and artworked for a exhibition diorama at the Maritime Museum

Building facade modelled in Rhino 3D

Laser-cut carriages for luxury watch display

Girders modelled in Rhino 3D.

Lighthouse miniature with 3D printed lantern, lens, balcony and girders