Breakaway Mumbai Railway Station & Train

SFX Model Miniatures - Ra. One (2011)

Mattes and Miniatures created a 1:8 scale visual effects miniature of Mumbai Railway Station and a 1:5 scale special effects miniature train and station section for the Bollywood superhero film Ra. One. 


The model was designed to break away after a runaway train crashes through the entrance of the station. The building collapse was orchestrated with bomb release and cables, and the train was driven through the set via cables under the road surface. Train and building were shot separately then the crash was composited digitally.

FX miniature Mumbai railway station
Breakaway train SFX model miniature
Fabrication of miniature model
Miniature model maker Steve Scott
Miniature model making at our workshop Bray Studios
VFX miniature against blue screen
Finished Miniature SFX model for Ra. One
Model makers with their Miniature FX work - Ra. One
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Miniature model maker Steve Scott