Special effects model miniatures for film 'Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain' (2014) 

1/75 scale miniature of Basti village and pesticide plant for Ravi Kumar's 'Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain'.


Using traditional model making techniques and inexpensive materials the whole miniature was achieved on a low budget. The model was lit with 12V grain-of-wheat bulbs and LEDs for different colour temperatures, and shot on our workshop floor at Bray Studios, with our motion control rig on 35mm film.

Miniature model Basti village
Miniature model Basti village 2
Miniature model with practical lighting
Miniature FX model chemical plant
The miniature was shot at our workshop in Bray Studios
Basti village miniature model making
Miniature FX pesticide plant model
Model makers working the Basti village VFX miniature


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