VFX Miniatures - Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain' (2014) 

A miniature recreation of the Union Carbide India Limited pesticide plant and surrounding village for independent feature film 'Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain’. The film is based on the Bhopal disaster, a gas leak that took place on 2nd Dec 1984 and is considered among one of the world’s worst industrial disasters.


Noticing a lack of awareness about the tragedy among the young, Director Ravi Kumar who grew up in Madhya Pradesh near Bhopal, felt it was story that needed to be told. We were faced with a tight budget but felt compelled to to help him tell the story. 

The pesticide plant and Basti village miniatures were built using inexpensive materials and traditional model making techniques, and practically lit with grain-of-wheat bulbs and LEDs. The miniature was assembled and dressed-to-camera on our workshop floor. The room was filled with an even density of smoke to create more depth within the miniature. The models were shot on 35mm film using motion control, with the village filmed from several angles for compositing. 

Bhopal Basti Village Miniature Bray Stud

Photo c/o Stefan Lange Photography

Miniature model Basti village
Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain vfx miniatures

Photo c/o Stefan Lange Photography