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Vfx miniatures, elements and model making for film, TV and commercial productions

Miniatures and model making have been used since the earliest days of cinema and to this day are a valuable tool in a modern filmmaker's armoury. Today miniatures feature widely in contemporary filmmaking due to their physicality, cost-effectiveness and creative potential.


Our miniatures and elements are designed to integrate into the vfx workflow and built to a high level of definition and realism. We believe in combining the best of the old and new, utilising both traditional model making techniques and modern CAD technology. We constantly innovate in order to push the boundaries on detail and texture, enhancing our miniatures with mechanical sfx rigs, pyrotechnics, practical lighting and atmospherics for spectacular results.

Miniature model making company for film Angels & Demons
Miniature FX model making company for film Da Vinci Code

We've a designated studio located next door to our build workshop

where we test and shoot miniatures, vfx elements, animation, pack shots and model builds.


Our vfx and sfx miniatures have been applied to a variety of industries and settings from film, commercial and music video production to photography, art installations, exhibition and display.

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