Special effects miniature model making for CHVRCHES 'Recover' Music Video (2013)

Miniature cityscape for band CHVRCHES video 'Recover'.



Faced with a tight budget, model makers sourced inexpensive materials and repurposed everyday items, before using traditional model making techniques and tricks to create a convincing dystopian industrial cityscape. 


The build took just two weeks, and the models were shot over two days. 

Miniature effects Chvrches Recover
Chvrches Video Visual Effects
Chvrches Miniature Effect Recover
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Model making and special effects
Miniature model making for CHVRCHES
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Special effects and miniatures
Miniature model making for CHVRCHES
Miniature effects CHVRCHES 'Recover'
CHVRCHES 'Recover' model miniatures
Miniature effects CHVRCHES 'Recover'

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