Art Fabrication of installation for Skeletons Warming Themselves (After Ensor) By Philip Haas

An immersive 'skull cinema' installation by artist Philip Haas, interpreting 'Skeletons Warming Themselves' (1989) by James Ensor at the Kimbell Art Museum, Texas.


The skull shape was poly-carved and coated in resin at our workshop, before the polystyrene was removed to create a hollow skull. The model was then transported to the Kimbell Art Museum, Texas where the Mattes & Miniatures crew installed and painted the exhibit, coating the walls with newspaper articles of James Ensor's death. 

Art fabrication of After Ensor by Philip Haas at Kimbell Art Museum
Fabricating After Ensor, Philip Haas
Art installation 'After Ensor'
Art installation by Philip Haas