SFX and VFX Miniatures 

Miniature special effects have been used since the earliest days of cinema and to this day are a valuable tool in a modern filmmaker's armoury. In 2020 miniature special effects have featured widely in contemporary filmmaking due to their physicality, cost-effectiveness and creative potential.


Our VFX and SFX miniature models are designed and built to the highest level of definition and realism, using a combination of traditional craftmanship and modern 3D scanning & printing, laser-cutting and CNC technology. We enhance our VFX and SFX miniatures with 'old school' in-camera practical fx rigs, pyrotechnics, practical lighting and atmospherics alongside digital post-production for spectacular results. 


We create the majority of our miniatures at our build workshop and HQ in Bray, Berkshire before transporting them to various studios and productions around the UK. There our crew of on-set stand-by model makers will install and dress-to-camera, alongside the production’s lighting, camera, VFX and art departments.

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We also host a designated shooting area located next door to our build workshop,

where creatives and film makers come to test and shoot miniature effects, in-camera VFX elements, animation, pack shots and small-scale model builds.


Our extensive portfolio of VFX and SFX miniatures have been applied to a variety of industries and settings from feature film, commercial and music video production to photography, art installations, exhibition, sculpture and retail display. Increasingly our VFX miniatures are undergoing 3D scanning and photogrammetry sessions.


Below is a selection of our VFX and SFX miniatures.