Miniature Model BP Petrol Station and Underground Train plus Pyros for feature film 'Naina' (2005)

A miniature of BP Petrol station in Bethnal Green, and Bethnal Green underground station for the Hindi horror film ‘Naina’. The 1:8 scale petrol station model was mounted on steel decks and fitted with miniature pyros, air mortars, and a bomb release for the floor to collapse on cue. Cars were fitted with pewter to give thepanels some weight when they broke away.  

The action was shot using three cameras at different angles. Mattes & Miniatures also built a 1:6 scale underground train for an explosion scene on the platform.

Miniature model effect film Naina
Model Making for Naina
Model Making for Naina 2
Special effects and miniature pyros
Miniature model after the explosion
Miniature special effect for film
1:6 scale underground train
Scale model train for Naina
Miniature model making for film

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