Mechanical model set for Cadbury's Twirl commercial

A mechanical automated whirligig for Cadbury's Twirl Bites advert, brought to creation by agency Fallon London, production by Hsi, and Art Direction by Dan Betteridge. The whirligig featured rotating micro-scenarios and characters designed to bring to life the joy of twirling.


From a central shaft, geared arms with individual platters of mechanically-driven characters were constructed and fitted with pyrotechnics.


This combination of engineering, sculpture, artwork and pyrotechnics was achieved in just three weeks.

Set building and model making for TV commercial Cadbury's Twirl
Model making for TV Cadbury's Twirl
Model making orrery for Twirly Gig
Twirly Gig model miniatures for set
Mechanical Twirly Gig set building
On set shooting the Twirly Gig model
Full size set building to Cadbury's

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